Aboriginal Community Development Fund

The Aboriginal Community Development Fund is meant to support projects that will have economic benefits for Nova Scotia Mi'kmaq and Aboriginals.
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Energy Training Program for Students

The Energy Training Program encourages private-sector employers to hire Nova Scotian post-secondary students for career-related work terms in all sectors of the energy industry.  The program offers employers an opportunity to gain access to students and recent graduates from Nova Scotia universities and community college campuses.

A wage subsidy is available to small- to medium-sized Nova Scotia companies involved in the energy sector.  Eligible companies may receive a 50% wage incentive toward student salaries.
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Export Prospector Program

If you want to discover new business opportunities and find qualified leads in markets outside of Nova Scotia, the Export Prospector Program can help by sending you on a customized trade mission to your target foreign market or by helping you to have an effective presence at a trade show.
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ExportAbility Program

The ExportAbility Program helps both active exporters and those that want to develop their export opportunities become more export-ready. The program can help cover up to 75% of the costs of market readiness and export development workshops, course materials, and exam fees.
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Go-Ahead Program

If you have participated in a Nova Scotia government or export agency trade initiative over the past year and have found a market that offers great potential for your company, the Go-Ahead Program will help cover up to 50% of the costs of follow-up market visits. The funding covers air fare, car rental, accommodations, marketing material, and the cost of translation or interpretation.
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Global Business Accelerator Program (GBAP)

Is your business currently exporting, participating in global supply chains, investing internationally, or seeking overseas partners? Do you want to increase your global competitiveness and grow new markets beyond the Maritimes (NS, NB and PEI)? The Global Business Accelerator Program (GBAP) can help. The GBAP provides financial support to connect companies with business experts who have skills, experience, knowledge and connections they need to grow internationally. 

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International Development Opportunities    

Nova Scotia Business Inc’s private sector liaison service can help Nova Scotia companies gain access to World Bank Group business opportunities, services, and knowledge, including involvement in international financial institution-funded projects.
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Small Business Development Program

The Nova Scotia Business Development Program provides assistance for eligible business activity that increases productivity, explores product innovation, delivers strategic planning, implements operational efficencies to improve competitiveness, and expands the international commerce participation of a business. Support is for up to 50% of eligible project costs, to a maximum of $15,000.
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Productivity Investment Program (CII)

The aim of the Capital Investment Incentive is to help businesses become more productive, innovative, and internationally competitive by providing up to $1 million toward technologically-advanced machinery, clean technology, equipment, software, and hardware.
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Productivity Investment Program (WIPSI)

The Workplace Innovation and Productivity Skills Incentive provides funding to companies to encourage them to invest in skills development and certification, adapt to new technology, improve productivity, and improve their international competitiveness. Companies can apply for up to $5000 to cover the cost of training for management skills development, skills development training leading to certification, and training that supports workplace diversity.
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Service Export Program

The Service Export Program (SEP) provides funding to Nova Scotia service companies that are in the final stages of an export deal.  Activities that qualify for funding include in-market meetings, the development of proposals, presentations, and collateral materials, and visits from potential clients.
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Social Enterprise Program

The Social Enterprise fund is intended to leverage other resources within and outside government to support creative and social entrepreneurial initiatives in Nova Scotia. The overall objective is to collaboratively facilitate the creation and expansion of communal (not personal) enterprises that seek economic, social and environmental impacts.
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START is available to businesses, not for profit organizations and social enterprises that have business locations and jobs in Nova Scotia. The START program focuses on small to medium sized enterprises and encourages employers to hire eligible Nova Scotians requiring work experience or apprenticeship support.

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Student Employment Programs - Strategic Cooperative Education Incentive

The objective of the Strategic Cooperative Education Incentive is to help high value businesses and organizations recruit and retain university and community college students for work placements by offering a quality work experience as part of university or community college co-op program. Approved projects will receive $7.50 per hour (50% of the required minimum hourly wage of $15.00 per hour) to a maximum of 40 hours per week.
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Student Employment Programs - Student Career Skills Development Program

The Student Career Skills Development Program is available to qualified not-for-profit organizations in Nova Scotia that hire students who will be attending or are returning to a post-secondary institution in the fall. Positions paying $10.50 per hour or more will be considered, with up to $8.50 per eligible hour worked being reimbursed.
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Student Employment Programs - Students In Business Program

The Students in Business Program helps students start their own business in Nova Scotia by giving them start-up information and advice, mentoring and up to $5,000 as an interest-free loan. Learn more about the Students In Business Program

Support for employers and industry through Labour Market Partnerships 

The Labour Market Partnership Program funds projects that encourage employers, employee/employer associations and communities to develop and implement plans for dealing with labour force changes and human resource requirements. Activities such as research, HR planning and best practice, and the creation of economic development and community marketing plans are all eligible. All activities should focus on an identified labour market issue and involve partnership.  
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Tourism Development Investment - Destination Development

The Tourism Development Investment - Destination Development Program invests in the development and enhancement of tourism attractions, sites, and experiences with the aim of helping destinations create products and services that are unique to their area.
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Tourism Industry Development Program

Provides cost-sharing assistance to enhance the quality of tourism services, businesses and products through market readiness initiatives, such as study tours and best-practice missions, seminars, workshops, conferences, mentoring, and mystery shop assessments.

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Tourism Marketing Partnership Programs - Festival and Events Marketing

The Tourism Marketing Partnership Program - Festival and Events Marketing offers support to businesses and tourism, operators for promotional activities that strengthen Nova Scotia as a tourism destination, showcase the province to visitors, increase attendance at events, and boost local and regional economies.
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Tourism Marketing Partnership Programs - Tourism Experiences Marketing

The Tourism Marketing Partnership Programs - Tourism Experiences Marketing provides marketing support to the tourism industry that will help to strengthen Nova Scotia’s visibility as a tourism destination, showcase its core experiences to visitors, and increase tourism revenues in Nova Scotia.
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Tourism Tour Operator Partnership Program

The Nova Scotia Tour Operator Partnership Program offers tour operators the opportunity to partner in the marketing of packaged products to the travel trade and consumers, such as direct mail campaigns, online marketing, and advertising. 
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Trade Missions

If you would like to explore new export markets, a Nova Scotia Business Inc trade mission will give you an opportunity to network and attend business meetings in destinations as diverse as Alberta and Abu Dhabi.
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