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Government Procurement

Government Procurement

Did you know that the provincial government spends more than a billion dollars on goods and services each year? We buy most of these goods and services from Nova Scotia businesses. Find out how to tender for these opportunities.

Standing Offers

A Standing Offer is a contractual arrangement between the Province of Nova Scotia and a pre-approved supplier. To become a pre-approved supplier, you need to respond to a Request for Standing Offer tender for services, which is posted on the Procurement Services website, usually in late summer or early autumn.
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The Nova Scotia government has introduced a new procurement form, which all businesses bidding for government work must submit with their tender documents. Businesses will find a complete list of government tender opportunities by following the link below.
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Reverse Trade Show

The Reverse Trade Show is a twist on the traditional trade show that allows sellers to visit government display booths to discuss their products or services with the people who actually do the buying.
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Selling to Government

The Nova Scotia government procured more than than $1 billion in goods and services in 2009-2010, with about 86 percent of this sourced locally. Companies that want to sell to the province should be familiar with the tendering process. In particular, small and medium-sized local companies will benefit from knowing how, from whom, and why the province buys what it does.The Supplier Development Program helps vendors understand where to find tender opportunities through on-site visits, workshops, and reverse trade shows.
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