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Trade Development Programs

Doing Business In

If you're thinking about doing business in a new market, attend an NSBI ‘Doing Business In…’ information session to find out if it is the right market for you. You will learn about the business environment in different countries or regions, gain insight into market opportunities, find out about sources of further information, and have the opportunity to talk one-on-one with market specialists.
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Export Prospector Program

If you want to discover new business opportunities and find qualified leads in markets outside of Nova Scotia, the Export Prospector Program can help by sending you on a customized trade mission to your target foreign market or by helping you to have an effective presence at a trade show.
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ExportAbility Program

The ExportAbility Program helps both active exporters and those that want to develop their export opportunities become more export-ready. The program can help cover up to 75% of the costs of market readiness and export development workshops, course materials, and exam fees.
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Global Business Accelerator Program (GBAP)

Is your business currently exporting, participating in global supply chains, investing internationally, or seeking overseas partners? Do you want to increase your global competitiveness and grow new markets beyond the Maritimes (NS, NB and PEI)? The Global Business Accelerator Program (GBAP) can help. The GBAP provides financial support to connect companies with business experts who have skills, experience, knowledge and connections they need to grow internationally. 

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Go-Ahead Program

If you have participated in a Nova Scotia government or export agency trade initiative over the past year and have found a market that offers great potential for your company, the Go-Ahead Program will help cover up to 50% of the costs of follow-up market visits. The funding covers air fare, car rental, accommodations, marketing material, and the cost of translation or interpretation.
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International Development Opportunities

Nova Scotia Business Inc’s private sector liaison service can help Nova Scotia companies gain access to World Bank Group business opportunities, services, and knowledge, including involvement in international financial institution-funded projects.
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Market and Festival Assistance

Film & Creative Industries Nova Scotia offers assistance to producers to develop new markets for local productions.  The aim of this assistance is to help foster professional contacts that may lead to co-production opportunities, and to raise the profile of Nova Scotia production companies.
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Music Nova Scotia Export Development Program

Administered by Music Nova Scotia, through this program, musicians in the province have an opportunity to expand their visibility and sales in markets outside of the province, ensuring the music industry in Nova Scotia continues to grow and develop into a sustainable and profitable industry.
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Service Export Program

The Service Export Program (SEP) provides funding to Nova Scotia companies, particularly small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs), to support their domestic and international marketing activities and strengthen their export opportunities.
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Research & Development Tax Credits

Canada offers one of the most rewarding R&D tax credit programs in the world, which can be combined with added incentives from Nova Scotia's provincial government. The Scientific Research & Experimental Development program supports the development of advanced skills, knowledge, and technological capabilities to help business to compete better in domestic and international markets.
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Sponsorship Program

Established Nova Scotia and national organizations can apply to Film & Creative Industries Nova Scotia for funding to sponsor activities or events such as festivals and screening events, that will foster the growth of the audiovisual industry in Nova Scotia.
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Trade Missions

If you would like to explore new export markets, a Nova Scotia Business Inc trade mission will give you an opportunity to network and attend pre-arranged, one-on-one business meetings in destinations as diverse as Alberta and Abu Dhabi.
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Web Drama Series Program

The Web Drama Series program provides equity financing to Nova Scotia film producers for scripted drama series designed for broadcast on the internet.
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