Training Workers

Apprenticeship Training and Trade Certification

Apprenticeship is a form of post-secondary education, covering over 60 trades, for both young and mature individuals who want to be certified to work in a skilled trade. Trade experts (certified journey persons) who hire apprentices and provide them with further training are eligible for the Apprenticeship Job Creation Tax Credit.
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Energy Training Program for Students

The Energy Training Program encourages private-sector employers to hire Nova Scotian post-secondary students for career-related work terms in all sectors of the energy industry.  The program offers employers an opportunity to gain access to students and recent graduates from Nova Scotia universities and community college campuses. A wage subsidy is available to small- to medium-sized Nova Scotia companies involved in the energy sector.  Eligible companies may receive a 50% wage incentive toward student salaries.
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Partnerships in Training Program

Film & Creative Industries Nova Scotia invests in training initiatives that seek to develop a new generation of filmmakers in Nova Scotia. The intent of the program is to foster skills development at all levels to ensure a vibrant film industry within the province.
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Productivity Investment Program - Workplace Innovation and Productivity Skills Incentive (WIPSI)

The Workplace Innovation and Productivity Skills Incentive provides funding to companies to encourage them to invest in skills development and certification, adapt to new technology, improve productivity, and improve their international competitiveness. Companies can apply for funding to contribute toward the cost of training for management skills development, skills development training leading to certification, and training that supports workplace diversity.
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This tool promotes a practice of learning in the workplace, providing quick and easy access to thousands of online courses suitable to staff at every level of the organizations. Courses range from Microsoft Office, to customer service, to the Fundamentals of Globalization. Don’t have a lot of time but need skills in HR? Try the 15-minute tutorials covering topics like how to work with Gen Y. This resource will be piloted over two years and aims to show you how easy and beneficial learning can be.
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Student Employment Programs - Strategic Cooperative Education Incentive

The objective of the Strategic Cooperative Education Incentive is to help high value businesses and organizations recruit and retain university and community college students for work placements by offering a quality work experience as part of university or community college co-op program. Approved projects will receive $7.50 per hour (50% of the required minimum hourly wage of $15.00 per hour) to a maximum of 40 hours per week.
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Student Employment Programs - Student Career Skills Development Program

The Student Career Skills Development Program is available to qualified not-for-profit organizations in Nova Scotia that hire students who will be attending or are returning to a post-secondary institution in the fall. Positions paying $10.50 per hour or more will be considered, with up to $8.50 per eligible hour worked being reimbursed.
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The Emerging Music Business Program

Film & Creative Industries Nova Scotia offers this program aimed at fostering careers for new and emerging musicians by providing assistance with recording, marketing and promotion, professional business development, and mentorship.
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Workplace Education Initiative

The Workplace Education Initiative promotes learning at work and supports the development of a skilled, adaptable, and competitive workforce by increasing workplace essential skills. Workplace Education co-ordinators are available to help you assess the learning needs of your business, recommend education programs for your workers, help you apply for funding to cover the cost of an instructor, and provide support while your program is taking place.
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