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Programs & Incentives

Cost Competitiveness

Cost Competitiveness

Cost is a key consideration for any company looking to establish a new business location.

In Nova Scotia, you’ll find an attractive mix of incentive programs, including a payroll rebate and tax credits, as well as competitive salary and corporate real estate costs.  Our companies also comment regularly on cost-savings achieved through lower employee turnover.

We will work with you to provide meaningful cost information specific to your operational requirements. Hear what companies are saying about Nova Scotia and contact Nova Scotia Business Inc. to learn more about making Nova Scotia part of your growth strategy.

New or existing businesses that are expanding or investing can benefit from a number of different programs and incentives:

Community Feed-In Tariff Program

The Community Feed-In Tariff Program (COMFIT) is the first community-based feed-in tariff program in North America and is designed to increase local ownership of small-scale energy projects in Nova Scotia.  The program provides an opportunity for community –based power producers to receive an established price per kilowatt hour for projects producing renewable energy.  The first round of applicant approvals took place in December 2011.
Learn more about the Community Feed-In Tariff Program

Enhanced Net Metering

Net metering is a utility-led program that allows a consumer (individuals, businesses, and community/not-for-profit groups) to connect a small renewable electricity project to the distribution grid through a meter that measures electricity flows in two directions. The new enhanced program will allow Nova Scotia Power (NSPI) customers to supply electricity to multiple meters under one account within a single distribution zone up to 1 MW to meet their own needs. Net metering customers will receive payment for any amount of excess generation based on their retail rate.
Learn more about Enhanced Net Metering.

Payroll Rebate 

NSBI offers payroll rebates to companies that are locating or expanding in the province. The payroll rebate is a return on a company’s eligible gross payroll. The amount depends on the economic benefit generated to the province and is generally paid out annually over a term of five years or less. Applicants must create or retain a targeted number of jobs, at a minimum determined salary, within a set timeframe. If the company achieves the targets set out in the payroll rebate agreement, funds are rebated annually to the company.
Learn more about the Payroll Rebate

Research and Development Tax Credit

Companies investing in research and development (R&D) in Nova Scotia are eligible for a R&D tax credit of up to 35%. We provide our clients with access to professionals who have the expertise to help them prepare and support tax credit claims for their eligible projects.
Learn more about  Research and Development Tax Credit

Workplace Innovation and Productivity Skills Incentive

The Workplace Innovation and Productivity Skills Incentive is a funding incentive that is designed to encourage businesses to invest in employee and management skills development, and to help them improve productivity. It is also designed to help companies adapt to new technology and innovative processes and thereby boost their international competitiveness. The money can be used to buy training, cover course fees, or for skills development.
Learn more about the Workplace Innovation and Productivity Skills Incentive

Strategic Cooperative Education Incentive

The Strategic Cooperative Education Incentive provides private sector, government-funded, and non-profit organizations with 50 per cent of the required minimum hourly wage of $15.00 CAD for co-operative education opportunities.
This program helps businesses and organizations across the region to recruit and retain students for work placements. Priority is given to placements that help to increase productivity, offer career-related experience, and provide the potential for full-time, long-term employment in Nova Scotia.

Nova Scotia Digital Media Tax Credit 

The Digital Media Tax Credit is a refundable tax credit for costs directly related to the development of interactive digital media products in Nova Scotia.
Learn more about the Film & Creative Industries Nova Scotia Digital Tax Credit

Nova Scotia Film Industry Tax Credit

The Film & Creative Industries Nova Scotia Film Industry Tax Credit is a fully refundable corporate income tax credit. It is a labour-based credit that is aimed at encouraging the development, training, and hiring of Nova Scotia film personnel in all disciplines. Television, videotape, feature film, and non-theatrical productions are all eligible.
Learn more about the Film & Creative Industries Nova Scotia Film Industry Tax Credit